About Us

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful at every moment of every day. Syra J. designs capture the daring, bold, elegant, beautiful female spirit in timeless style. Our brand's image, quality, fit, and workmanship bridges every woman's fashion fantasy to her reality. Fashion is art, fashion is expression. Syra J. proudly stands for female empowerment through our clothes.

Syra J. is a subsidiary of a company with a long history in the garment industry and a strong industrial background. From dealing with international and local clients to conducting business in manufacturing, trading and design, our designers have formed a well-rounded platform to present Syra J. to the world. Inside our own atelier, our design team is able to intimately express and breathe life into their design concepts. The Syra J. design team works closely with our factory technicians in every department. They attend to each step and every detail, pushing our clothes beyond fashion and into art.

At Syra J., we believe that fashion can unite people. We encourage fashion as a medium of positive inspiration and creativity in our community. Our brand participates in charity lectures and runways, and avidly supports students with a passion for the industry. Fashion is always changing, moving, and Syra J. is here to bring you tomorrow's evolving fashion today.